DustSafetyScience is your #1 online resource driving awareness, knowledge, connection and change around the safe handling of combustible dust and powered materials.

When it comes to combustible dust, we want to ensure you have the correct safety systems in place, follow existing engineering standards and guidelines, and focus on a safety culture to prevent and protect from fire and explosion incidents.

To do this, we provide training and education around safe combustible dust practices in our DustSafetyAcademy as well as amplifying awareness via:

  • Combustible Dust Incident Database – Use our platform to search for combustible dust fire and explosion incidents relevant to your field or in your region
  • Combustible Dust Newsletter – We send out weekly incident updates and the latest information going on in the community
  • Semi-Annual Incident Reporting – Since 2016, we have published semi-annual reports analyzing the materials, industries and equipment involved in combustible dust fires and explosions around the world
  • DustSafetyScience Podcast – Interviews with experts from around the globe and discussion of the most pressing dust safety issues facilities are facing
  • Dust Safety Directory – A compilation of available prevention and protection providers